Steering & Suspension

Rough dirt roads, adventurous kids and time – what do these all have in common? They are rough on your shocks/struts. Suspension allows you to have a smooth ride, Steering allows you to control the direction of the vehicle.


The major component of suspension are your shocks/struts. Your shocks/struts can become weak over time and not provide a comfortable ride. If they get bad enough, when hitting a bump, your vehicle can begin to “boat steer” and continue bouncing. We recommend replacing your shocks/struts when they begin to show signs of leaking or if the do not pass our bounce test. Dysfunctional shocks/struts can also cause “cupping” in your tires and prematurely wear the tires unevenly.


The major components of your power steering system are the power steering pump and the rack & pinion. The power steering pump is lubricated with power steering fluid which over time can become dirty. When it does, we recommend a power steering fluid flush with a conditioner to ensure the long life of your power steering pump. Because of our rough roads, the rack & pinion – the major steering component behind the steering wheel – takes more abuse than just driving in town. It can begin to leak causing you to lose power steering fluid.