Preventive Maintenance

The best way to preserve the life of your vehicle is to get your oil changed regularly – this allows us to check your vehicle over and ensure it is performing to its best ability. Preventive maintenance includes changing your fluids, filters and couple other components regularly.

Spark Plugs and Wires

Each manufacturer has different recommendations of when the spark plugs need to be changed. Depending on your vehicle you also may or may not have spark plug wires – we can replace them as needed. We only use factory recommended spark plugs and we clean the IAC motor and adjust the TPS when we perform a tune up.

Timing Belts

Engines either have Timing Belts or Timing Chains. Timing Chains are typically not replaced – regular oil changes will help them to live long lives. Timing Belts, however, need to be replaced as often as every 60,000 miles according to some manufacturers. We highly recommend replacing the pulleys, tensioners, and water pump when replacing the Timing Belt. If you don’t know what kind of engine you have, come by and we can tell you.

Tire Rotation & Balance

We recommend rotating your tires regularly – this will give you the greatest return for your investment. We highly recommend starting our 5,000 mile oil change and rotating your tires each time. This allows them to be examined for wear regularly and it is easier to remember. Our tire rotation and balance is only $19.95 for cars and light trucks.