Our belief is that maintenance is the best way to take care of your engine. We recommend regular oil changes, fluid checks and a vigilant eye out for leaks. Servicing your engine oil regularly is essential for all vehicles, but especially for Timing Chain motors. Dealers are recommending longer and longer service intervals for new vehicles which has some real down-sides. Number 1 – Even synthetic oil oxidizes at 7,000 miles, and non-synthetic oil oxidizes at 2,000 miles – oxidization hurts the engine and causes build-up. Number 2 – Vehicles need to be visually inspected regularly – leaks and problems can occur and the longer it is not addressed, the worse and more costly they become.

We can replace engines, replace head gaskets and perform upper end work. We have a machine shop we work closely with for machining heads and performing valve work.

Please give us a call for more details or if you have questions. 505-281-5953