Electrical – Your battery provides the power for all of the neat things your vehicle can do – from playing a cd to starting on a cold morning. As batteries age, they can become weaker. We check your batteries charging capability at each oil change. We also recommend you charge your battery if it goes dead – just jumping it and expecting the alternator to charge the battery fully will not work. The alternator only charges what is already available in the battery.

Starter & Alternator

The Starter and Alternator work hand-in-hand. The Starter is engaed by the ignition which then turns the motor over. The Alternator helps to charge the Starting system by running off the serpentine belt that is turning while the engine is running. If a Starter is not engaging properly, it will many times make a grinding noise. If an Alternator is no longer charging, the battery will fail but can be charged up and hold power properly.

Electrical Wires and Critters

The electrical wires that run our lights, cd players, and rear air conditioners – not to mention many other things – are snaked throughout our vehicles. Unfortunately, because of the area we live in, there are a number of rabbits, squirels, mice and wood rats that think that wires a a perfectly great way to line a nest or just provide afternoon chewing activity. This can cause great distress when starting the vehicle and the lights do not work. We have heard many suggestions over the years, but the best I can tell you is to place a bar of Irish Spring in a sock and secure it in the engine compartment. The scent is so strong, they will definitely stay away. The bar has to be replaced every 2-3 months as it loses it’s strong smell over time. (This is based on personal experience – we didn’t secure the soap and you could see where the wood rat had pushed the soap out of the vehicle onto the ground.)