Differentials & Transfer Case

Front Differential, Rear Differential, Transfer Case. These vehicle components are a part of Four Wheel Drive vehicles. These cases are under your vehicle and they help to take the power from the transmission and extend it out to turn the wheels.

Changing the fluids regularly on your differential and transfer cases is important because the fluid is the lubrication that allows those cases to function properly. When the fluid gets old, it begins to lack the lubrication properties it once had and it no longer assists the bearings in moving smoothly. When neglected, these bearings begin to shear metal off of each other into the fluid which only increases the damage occuring. We recommend servicing these cases every 30,000 miles. We also check the fluid levels and coloring each oil change to ensure the best performance from your vehicle. Not sure if your vehicle has a transfer case or a differential? Please come by and we will check your vehicle for free and also let you know what the fluid levels look like.