Climate Control/AC

Air Conditioning Services

So you think you have a problem with your air conditioner. Now unfortunately, when you have an air conditioning problem, the problem does not always manifest itself quickly or easily. We do not just “add a can of R134a” to your system. We have a machine that we use to measure and evacuate the freon in your a/c system. We check to see if the a/c system holds vacuum. If it does, great we can add your freon back in and top off the system as needed. If it does not hold vacuum, then there is a leak somewhere. Either way, we repressurize your system, adding an ultraviolet dye, that allows us to detect leaks. We reintroduce the freon and check to ensure that there is at least a 20 degree difference in the vehicle interior temperature versus the ambient temperature.  After our service, your air conditioner may last for years, months or only days – depending on how bad a leak you have. Bring your vehicle back when the a/c no longer blows cool and we will do a free dye-check to see where the leak is coming from and give you an estimate of what the repair will cost.

Heater Services

Your heater does not require servicing like your air conditioning system. If your heater is not blowing hot air or if the air flow is restricted, there could be a couple of issues. Sometimes the heater core is restricted, sometimes the blend-door is not opening fully and sometimes it is electronically related, to name just a couple of the possibilities. We have the tools and the knowledge to determine whether the job is big – the dash will have to be removed – or small/stinky – a critter that got into the fan squerel cage.