Brakes & Brake Repair


Today’s braking systems are extremely sophisticated and complex. Almost all cars & light trucks have ABS, Anti-Lock Brakes. Sounds neat, but what is it? It is a secondary brake system, when all is working correctly, can save your life! It does exactly what it’s name says – it will not let a wheel lock-up when hard or panic braking is experienced or when you are on a slick road surface . A computer senses through wheel speed sensors when a wheel is slowing down rapidly & it will pulse brake pressure to that wheel to prevent it from skidding. When a wheel skids, loss of control follows, and accidents can happen.

This all happens in the blink of an eye & keeping these systems operating correctly takes good quality technicians using the right procedures. At East Mountain Auto, you & your family’s safety is paramount, so we use top quality parts, most of which have a Lifetime Warranty, and vehicle specific repair procedures provided by your vehicle’s manufacture.

If your vehicle has an ABS light on, we have the diagnostic tools & data to diagnose the cause of the code that set the light.


If your hearing grinds or squeaks when you step on your brake pedal, it would be best to come in ASAP for our FREE brake inspection. That is the only way to give you an accurate estimate for the cost of the brake repair. We will perform the inspection then provide you with an estimate for your approval prior to any repairs.