Belts and Hoses

Belts and Hoses


Belts and Hoses – Most of today’s cars & trucks have one belt called a Serpentine belt. This belt is almost an inch wide & very thin compared to the ‘V’ belts of yesteryear’s vehicles. Even big ‘over the road’ trucks have this kind of system. This type of belt provides less drag, which increases fuel economy. Also, Serpentine belts run cooler so they usually last 50 to 70,000 miles, much longer than the old ‘V’ belt style.

If this belt breaks, your stranded! At East Mountain Auto, every time your vehicle comes into the shop, whether for an oil service, brake job or even for a set of wiper blades, this belt is something we inspect. It is vital to your safety & comfort.


Like the belts of today, the hoses on your vehicle also last much longer than they used to. It is common to get well over 100,000+ miles on a set of original hoses. Your vehicle will have about twice as many hoses as they used to, and can be difficult to see. When your vehicle comes into our service bays, our technicians will inspect the engine & hoses using a strong light & mirror. We look for leaks & stains that may indicate the need to have the hoses replaced.