Batteries, Starting & Charging


Your vehicle’s battery is the foundation for the entire electrical system. From the starter & alternator, to the many computers your car has & even the electrical window motors & fuel pump, all depend on the battery’s condition to perform well & live long. At East Mountain Auto, we use the Matco MD800 early detection battery tester to determine your vehicle’s battery condition & life expectancy. If the battery is weak or fails testing, we stock Professional Series batteries to fit most cars & light trucks. If we don’t stock your size, we can get it within about 30 minutes.


The starter’s job is to spin the engine fast enough so the engine will start. It gets it’s power from the battery, through large cables. Large battery cables are neccessary because the starter draws so much power, small cable would melt. For the starting system to work well, the battery, terminals & cables must be clean, free of corrosion & tight. Even with all this working well, the starter can become worn & start drawing too much power. The symptoms of a worn starter are slow cranking or no cranking, clicking or no sound at all when the key is turned to the starting position. We have state of the art testing equipment that will determine whether the starter problems are an expensive starter or just a loose connection.


All electrical systems must have a method of replenising the power supply and your vehicle’s method is the alternator.  The alternator is turned by the engine and produces approxamatly 13 to 15 volts whenever the engine is running.  This voltage will keep the battery charged, allowing the battery to power all of the systems required to keep you safe, comfortable and get you to your destination. It used to be that if the battery wasn’t getting charged, you just had a new alternator installed but the charging system is controlled by the computer on todays vehicles.  The ‘PCM'(the engine computer), senses the batteries needs & adjusts the alternator voltae output. Testing these newer systems is much more complicated than it used to be & requires sophiscitated test equipment to determine the root cause of a charging system failure.

At East Mountain Auto, we pride ourselves in having the best testing tools available to correctly diagnose your battery, starter & alternator troubles.