Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment helps a vehicle drive straight, reduces uneven tire wear & improves fuel economy. Before this service can be performed, the tires, steering linkage & suspension must be inspected for worn or damaged components. If all are within tolerances, this service can be performed.

Most of today’s vehicles are front wheel drive or all wheel drive and they require a four wheel service.  For most vehicles, at East Mountain Auto, a 4 wheel alignment starts at $79.95. Prior to service, we do a FREE check to make sure your ball joints, tie rod ends and other front end components are tight – to ensure proper alignment. We also attach the heads of the machine and if you do not need any adjustments, there is no charge.  It takes about an hour to an hour & half to complete.

You can make an appointment from our site or call 281-5953 to schedule a time to that is convenient for you to come in.