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We take an individual approach to everything we do in auto repair and RV repair. We work very hard to meet your individual vehicle needs. We provide FREE Check Engine Light Scans, FREE Front End Checks and FREE Brake Checks on small to medium sized vehicles. We have included some pricing on our website, however some issues need diagnostics to determine what is wrong and what the charge will be. We do our best to communicate throughout the process – your satisfaction is our priority!

Online Appointment System : Please access our easy to use online appointment form if you wish to schedule an appointment. Appointment times are subject to availability and we do our best to accommodate your request.

We Lend A Hand - Batteries, Alternators, starters

Areas We Service:

  • Edgewood, NM
  • Moriarty, NM
  • Tijeras, NM
  • Cedar Crest, NM
  • Sandia Park, NM
  • Surrounding Areas

We also provide a FREE Ride Service Monday-Friday within a 20 mile radius.

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